The curious case of Phil Jones, the Manchester United corner taker

There was mirth and, in some cases, outrage as Phil Jones stepped up to take Manchester United’s first two corners at QPR, but why shouldn’t he take them?
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There are many things to get angry about in life. Parking tickets, poor wi-fi, embarrassing parents and people standing right in front of you when you are trying to get off a tube train are only a few examples of what can ruin or at least semi-ruin a day. There is even one guy at the Guardian sports desk who seems annoyed when it rains.

Yet it was still surprising to see the reaction around the world (yes around the world!) as word spread that Phil Jones was United’s designated corner taker in the 2-0 win against Queens Park Rangers on Saturday. No sooner had Jones taken his first corner before Twitter went into overdrive.

Imagine if Phil Jones had taken corners on David Moyes' watch.

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