The Breakdown | Warren Gatland’s Wales reflect the image of its leader – stronger together

The New Zealander’s coaching success lies in Wales being able to play catch-up when losing and the ability to defend a lead

When Warren Gatland was asked last week to explain Wales’s success at a time when the regional game was suffering one of its periodic outbreaks, the Wales head coach replied: “Good coaching.” He then chuckled self-deprecatingly before adding “and a bit of luck”.

For all his success in his coaching career, Gatland is no José Mourinho peering into the mirror all the time and trading on past glories. He looks ahead rather than back, plotting the next conquest. But as a Wales team which on paper does not look as strong as England or Ireland plots a third grand slam since the New Zealander took over at the end of 2007, it reflects the image of its leader – stronger together.

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