Team GB told to be positive and not arrogant about Rio conditions

• BOA vice-chairman Hugh Robertson warned team leaders about behaviour
• ‘It’s really important that, whatever the frustrations are, we get behind this’

The British Olympic Association has warned Team GB against criticising the logistical issues at the Rio Games for fear of appearing arrogant, as organisers said they were working hard to fill empty seats and resolve transport issues.

Hugh Robertson, who was the UK sports and Olympics minister during London 2012 and is now vice-chairman of the BOA, said he had impressed upon the team leaders of each sport the need to remain humble. “I spoke to the team leaders at the last meeting before they left and I said: ‘Just remember Brits do have a reputation for this touch of arrogance in the international sports world and it’s really important that whatever the frustrations are we get behind this and are positive about it.’”

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