Talking Horses: why it may help the BHA to get out of London

Something needs to be done to address the alienation felt by trainers who see the ruling body as a remote clunking fist

A busy jumps trainer gave me an insight, at the races the other day, into the current unprecedented tension between his fellow trainers and the British Horseracing Authority. The issue he focused on was the ruling body’s decision that all runners at the recent Cheltenham Festival would have to be trotted before its vets and passed as sound before competing. This was always likely to annoy some trainers, because of the imputation that they might want to race unsound horses. “But,” this trainer told me, “if they’d come to us and said, look, we’re under pressure, we have to show everyone out there that we’re doing the right thing by these horses and we need your help, so please work with us,’ that would have been one thing.

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