Talking Horses: ‘stand-down’ period considered to boost equine welfare

The BHA’s director of equine health and welfare is looking into the possible introduction of a break for horses that fall in races

There is an interesting report in the Racing Post which suggests the British Horseracing Authority will consider the introduction of a “stand-down” period for horses that fall in a race, to give our equine athletes the same chance to recover as would be the case for a jockey (or other athlete) suffering from concussion.

David Sykes, the BHA’s director of equine health and welfare, is quoted in the report as follows: “We’re looking to see what happens when horses run within seven days after a fall, 14 days after a fall and 21 days after a fall. Is there any difference in the outcome over those periods? Should we be writing some sort of rule depending on what that outcome is?

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