Talking Horses: Scudamores in the spotlight for return of Cheltenham

A newly published book charts the careers of three generation of a jump racing dynasty

O frabjous day, racing returns to Cheltenham, marking another resting point on the long march back to proper jump racing. This seems a good point to explain the background to a newly published book I’m involved in, which some of you asked about the other day.

The Scudamores: Three Of A Kind has taken up most of my non-Guardian time since summer last year and a great pleasure it was, too. It’s basically a conversation between the three members of the Scudamore family who have had excellent careers as jockeys, stretching back 70 years to the time when Michael, aged 15, was called down from the Hereford grandstand by his father, who had arranged on the spot for him to ride one in the hunter chase.

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