Talking Horses: racing the poorer for failing to fund a Hall of Fame

Who will value horse racing’s past if not the sport itself? If we cannot pay for a building, at least let us find the space online

The absence of money, a familiar problem for followers of horse racing, is, I am told, the reason why the sport in Britain does not yet have a Hall Of Fame, nor no plans for one. It is an idea that has been kicked around for decades but we have yet to arrive at the decisive moment, when a powerful person wakes up and says: “Today, I am going to find the pockets deep enough to pay for this thing...”

The benefits to racing would obviously include having a building in a busy town somewhere that would act as an entry point to the sport for the mildly curious. It would be a source of news stories and debate when decisions were made as to who should be honoured therein.

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