Talking Horses: in defence of the Gigginstown racing operation

While some are sanguine about the planned withdrawal of Michael O’Leary, much can be said for his ownership vehicle

There was a certain amount of criticism by Talking Horses regulars of the O’Leary brothers, Michael and Eddie, when I raised the topic of Tiger Roll’s participation in the Grand National in this space last week. I can see the subject boiling up again on Tuesday, when the weights for the Aintree race are published and we find out what the O’Learys think about it.

Evidently, there is a deal of resentment about the Gigginstown team applying pressure to the handicapper through occasional public announcements that their great little horse might not actually turn up in April. Some appear to see the O’Leary influence over racing as essentially baleful and they seem sanguine about Michael’s stated intention to withdraw, eventually.

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