Talking Horses: Good luck to Nick Rust’s successor in tough role at BHA

The headhunters tasked with finding the new head of the BHA face some tricky choices as they scroll through their contacts

The headhunters tasked with finding Nick Rust’s replacement as chief executive of the British Horseracing Authority face some tricky choices as they start scrolling through their contacts. How upfront can they be about the requirements and challenges of the role? Or, to put it another way, do they actually want anyone to call back?

The job has its compensations, of course. Chunky salary, offices in central London and a guaranteed ticket to some of the biggest and best sporting events on the year. But the successful candidate will also need the hide of a rhino to absorb the regular kickings, the patience of a saint to deal with the incessant, often irreconcilable, demands of the sport’s various factions, and the diplomatic skills of Bismarck to keep everyone on speaking terms.

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