Swiss banker admits paying millions in bribes to Fifa executive Julio Grondona

• Up to $25m channelled to Grondona and others at Fifa relating to TV rights
• Jorge Luis Arzuaga pleads guilty after US inquiry into Fifa-linked corruption

A former Swiss banker has admitted paying millions of dollars in bribes to Julio Grondona, a former senior executive at Fifa, chairman of football’s world governing body’s finance committee and president of the Argentinian football association.

Jorge Luis Arzuaga, 56, who pleaded guilty on Thursday to money laundering charges following the US investigation into Fifa-related corruption, admitted opening bank accounts in Switzerland for Grondona and channelling up to $25m (£19.5m) in bribes to him and other high-ranking Fifa officials from a TV rights marketing company, Torneos, based in Argentina. Arzuaga has admitted to being paid $1.046m for facilitating this corruption, which he has agreed to forfeit to the authorities.

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