Swansea’s Graham Potter: ‘Pep’s been influenced by Johan Cruyff. I had Brian Horton’

Before facing Manchester City in the FA Cup quarter-finals, the manager discusses the job’s surprises and says he has been advised just to close his eyes

Graham Potter is shaking his head. The Swansea manager has just been told that if you type his name and Pep Guardiola’s into Google, the first story that appears is “Potter is just like Pep”. “Really?” says Potter, looking baffled. The headline came from an interview Bersant Celina gave at the start of the season, after swapping Manchester City for Swansea. Asked for his thoughts now he has the full picture, Potter breaks into laughter as he replies: “Sometimes players say some silly things.”

The conversation is not quite finished, however. A reference to Potter’s footballing beliefs prompts the 43-year-old to acknowledge, with a fair bit of encouragement, that there may be some “similar philosophical comparisons” to Guardiola. Any other parallels? “If you look at his career, he’s been influenced by Cruyff and played at Barcelona. I had Brian Horton and Macclesfield. It’s slightly different, no disrespect to Brian Horton,” Potter says, smiling.

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