Swans v Suns, Manly v Penrith, and more: Australia sportwatch – live!

Trent Merritt overplays his hand, and a Penrith pass is intercepted. But Manly give away a penalty by deciding to keep bashing the ball-carrier well after a tackle is done.

NRL: At last we’re underway in the other side of the football world. It’s a spicy one at Pepper Stadium. Panthers love pepper. Ask David Attenborough. So it’s Penrith up against the Manly Sea Eagles. Manly could go third with a win, Penrith need one to stay in touch with the eight. And it’s the Panthers who start best early, Tamou wrestling his way over under the posts with his back to the tryline.

Tamou is in!

What a start for the @PenrithPanthers.#NRLPanthersManly#NRL

Isn't @Dwalkz3 having a year!

Sharp pass selection from DCE as well.#NRLPanthersManly#NRL

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