Susan Alberti: ‘If it’s the right thing to do, I’ll do it to the bitter end’

The inspirational advocate for women’s footy is relentless when she dedicates herself to a cause

There were many magical moments in season one of AFLW. But there was one in particular that won’t soon be forgotten. The setting was the Whitten Oval, spiritual home of the Western Bulldogs and community stronghold for so many in the west of Melbourne, on the opening weekend of the inaugural season. The wooden red, white and blue grandstand was buzzing; a sold-out crowd cheered as new heroes ran through their banners.

Then, there was a smattering of clapping and whispering, which soon turned to thundering applause as those in the stand rose as one. Susan Alberti, dressed in a Western Bulldogs tracksuit with her immaculately manicured hair and trademark pearls had arrived – and the crowd are giving her a standing ovation.

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