Superhuman dives, Rugby League World Cup memories and penalty bother | Classic Youtube

This week’s roundup also features a buzzer beater, some training ground mastery, ballboy skills and unlikely crowd trouble at the snooker

1) Autumn Finney, a senior at Decatur High School in Texas, comes up with the amateur volleyball play of the year, featuring a superhuman dive. And here it is from another angle. And here’s the full video, including a slowmotion shot which captures the full ridiculousness of it all.

2) The Rugby League World Cup kicks off on Friday, so here’s a look back at some memorable moments from the past: first, Great Britain beating France in 1954 in the very first World Cup staged in either code. In the 1972 final (in front of a tiny crowd of 4,000 in Lyon), Graeme ‘Changa’ Langlands scored the greatest try that never was after the referee disallowed his legitimate effort because he simply didn’t believe it could have been achieved legally – his leaping catch is astonishing. It would be the last World Cup final Australia lost for 36 years as they claimed six consecutive titles … until New Zealand came along in 2008 for the biggest upset in the sport (incidentally, the tournament featured plenty of slightly troubling biff). Did it mark a sea change in the game? Nope, Australia won it again in 2013.

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