Sunderland women face uncertain future thanks to divorce process | Louise Taylor

Following a split from their male counterparts’ club, players do not yet know what division they will be playing in next season, but opponents Yeovil have reasons for optimism

Shortly after the final whistle blew, Yeovil Town’s manager stood in the middle of a suddenly near deserted pitch and positively glowed with pride in his club. As Jamie Sherwood outlined the reasons for optimism about the future, a hazy north east sun suddenly seemed a little brighter.

A couple of minutes earlier and a few yards away, Melanie Copeland, Sherwood’s Sunderland counterpart, had also stopped to reflect. She, too, was rightly proud of her team but spoke of “uncertainty,” about things “being up in the air”. There were potential “disappointments” and “clouds” blemishing the horizon.

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