Sunderland v Arsenal: Premier League – live!

An email! “Glad you referred to Moyes as excellent, as you’re quite right,” says Hubert O’Hearn. “The only thing I’d question about his judgment is his timing. Enough said about United, but even here with the Black Cats it’s unlikely to end well. I’m not trying to wind up the Sunderland supporters by referring to their arch-rival, however Moyes might have been much, much better off if he had taken charge of the club when they were already doomed, much as Rafa Benitez did with Newcastle. Then poor old David Moyes could have a year in the Championship to weed out his squad and build it back up out of the spotlight. Hope he still gets the chance - he’s a good man and deserves the opportunity.”

Good point that. Relegation is underrated.

‘Remember when...’ is the lowest form of conversation

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