Success for unprepared Lions would be despite, not thanks to, administrators | The Breakdown

With club commitments hindering training and preparation, questions must be asked of those responsible for a schedule not fit for the professional era

There was barely a pack of Lions at Wales’s training base west of Cardiff on Monday with 27 of the 41 players selected absent on club duty. There was some value in the week with the local weather in May tending to be as wet as a New Zealand winter, and it duly poured down.

Every Lions tour seems to be more hyped than the previous one and this year is no exception. One of the players making his first tour, Kyle Sinckler, remarked he was still coming to terms with the attention, public and media, yet despite that and the commercial value of the team, preparation for the most demanding of trips is inadequate to the point that none of the four home unions would contemplate going into a World Cup campaign on the back of anything similar.

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