Stan Collymore is ready for Russia – but is Russia ready for Stan Collymore?

The former Liverpool and England striker and outspoken pundit starts his new TV show on RT on Friday and it sounds as if everybody is in for an interesting ride

On more than one occasion at the press launch of his new TV show on RT (formerly known as Russia Today), Stan Collymore references the “elephant in the room” and jokes sarcastically about being little more than a ventriloquist’s dummy having words put in his mouth by a sinister puppet-master with their arm up his back. His sensitivity is understandable.

News that the footballer-turned-broadcaster had signed up with the Kremlin-funded news channel was greeted with scepticism in British sports media circles. In one of Collymore’s frequent social media spats, coincidentally a debate about whether or not the Syrian national football team is a government propaganda tool, one senior sportswriter insinuated that, as somebody working for “an arm of the Kremlin”, Collymore was in no position to lecture anyone on the subject of journalism.

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