Sri Lanka v England: first ODI – live!

2nd over: England 7-0 (Roy 6, Bairstow 1) Pradeep, returning to the Sri Lanka ODI side for the first time since January, steams in from the other end. Bairstow is watchful, then gets off the mark with a slightly squirty push down to third man for a single. Roy gets up on his tippy toes to push through the covers for a couple more from the last.

“I hope this turns out to be a keenly contested match,” writes Don Mihsill. “Sri Lanka seem to be rotating the same set of ‘promising’ batsmen, neither giving them continuity (of opportunities) nor discarding them. Speaking of dirty turners, what all would qualify as one? A defence witness who has turned? A country road with a wide bend? A public official called Turner with a reputation for underhand dealings? Oh the possibilities.”

1st over: England 4-0 (Roy 4, Bairstow 0) It’s 2007 all over again, as Lasith Malinga opens the bowling for Sri Lanka. He’s arrow-straight with his first few deliveries and Roy responds in kind. The fourth, though, drifts towards the leg side and Roy thunks confidently wide of mid on for four.

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