Sports quiz of the week: Zinedine Zidane, Mo Salah and a total bore

Who hurt himself? What was dull? Who defended his clothes?

More than half a million people have signed a petition asking Fifa and Uefa to take action against Sergio Ramos for his performance in the Champions League final. How many fouls did the referee award against Ramos on the night?





Zinedine Zidane won three Champions League titles in two-and-a-half years as a manager. How many times did he win it as a player?





Who were the last English club to beat a Spanish club in a European final?



Manchester United



Kyle Edmund beat Marton Fucsovics in four sets at the French Open. What reason did Edmund give for struggling in the second set?

He lost a contact lens

He had a stitch

He was distracted by news that Zinedine Zidane had resigned

He had a paper cut on his finger

What was “super-unexciting” and “the most boring ever”?

The first week of the French Open, according to Novak Djokovic

The Champions League final, according to José Mourinho

The England v Barbarians match, according to Eddie Jones

The Monaco Grand Prix, according to Lewis Hamilton

Fulham are back in the Premier League. Who was their manager the last time they earned promotion to the top flight, in 2000-01, when they won 101 points and ran away with the Division 1 title?

Jean Tigana

Roy Hodgson

Chris Coleman

Kevin Keegan

Teams from which two states have made it to the NBA finals in 2015, 2016, 2017 and now 2018?

Texas and Florida

New York and Oregon

Ohio and California

Massachusetts and Oklahoma

Matt Barnes won the NBA Finals last year with the Golden State Warriors. What was unusual about his pre-match routine?

He would go to the toilet in the opposing team's shirt

He downed a shot of whiskey on the morning of the match

He smoked cannabis six hours before a game

He always played a song on his ukulele before going out

For which country did George Weah’s son Tim score his first international goal this week?





76ers general manager Bryan Colangelo is under investigation for his activity on Twitter. Which one of these misdemeanours has he not been accused of doing?

Insulting his own team’s players

Insulting his predecessor

Defending the size of his collar

Threatening to punch Barack Obama in the face

1 and above.

Ah well. At least it's the weekend

2 and above.

Ah well. At least it's the weekend

3 and above.

Ah well. At least it's the weekend

4 and above.

Not great.

5 and above.


6 and above.

Nice one

7 and above.

Nice one. Well done

8 and above.

Impressive stuff

9 and above.


0 and above.


10 and above.

Perfection. You hero

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