Sports quiz of the week: Wimbledon, Wayne Rooney and Led Zeppelin

Why Romelu? Who won with Venus Williams? And who is not a Belieber?

Venus Williams will try to win her sixth Wimbledon singles title on Saturday, 17 years after she won her first in 2000. Who won the men's singles that year?

Pete Sampras

Boris Becker

Andre Agassi

Goran Ivanisevic

Johanna Konta made it to the last four at Wimbledon for the first time this week. In which grand slam did she reach the semi-finals last year?

US Open

Australian Open

French Open

What is the etymology of Romelu Lukaku's forename?

Romelu is the district in Antwerp in which he was born

Romela is his mother's name

He was named after the great Congolese striker Romelu Issama

It is an acronym, composed of the first two letters of his father's three names: Roger Menama Lukaku.

What has Floyd Mayweather asked of the US government?

To make him "secretary of wealth creation" when he retires later this year

To broadcast his fight with Conor McGregor on the White House website for free

To give McGregor a lend of Air Force One so he can fly back to Ireland "with his tail between his legs"

To give him a few more months to pay off a $22m tax bill from 2015

Which of these trophies did Wayne Rooney not win while at Manchester United

Premier League

FA Cup

League Cup

Champions League

Europa League

Community Shield

Fifa Club World Cup

He won all of them

Which manager offered this opinion on the spiralling sums of money involved in football: "The money in football is absurd but it is like that in other sports and also in show business. You have Bieber, who is earning a lot more than Rolling Stones, not to mention Led Zeppelin or Elvis Presley. Everything cracked, nothing is normal any more"?

Ronald Koeman

Gareth Southgate

Jürgen Klopp

Slaven Bilic

Wayne Rooney's last game for Everton was a 5-1 defeat by Manchester City in May 2004. Who scored two goals for City that day?

Danny Mills

Paulo Wanchope

Darius Vassell

Andy Cole

How did South African football club Usuthu react when they finished fifth in the league and missed out on promotion to the top division?

They bought the league champions and secured their place in the top tier

The players said they would forego their wages for a year

The manager quit his job, quit football and vowed never to set foot in South Africa again

The owner sold all 11 players who started their last game of the season

Why was Jurij Rodionov's match at Wimbledon held up by a short delay?

His taxi driver took him to Wimbledon Greyhound Stadium rather than the tennis courts

He was asked to wear a lighter colour of underwear

His phone rang in his bag as he was about to take his first serve of the match

He had to redye his hair, which was red, white and blue and deemed "inappropriate"

Which of the teams at the Uefa Women’s Euro 2017 tournament will wear a lioness on their shirt rather than a lion?





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