Sports quiz of the week: leaders, vulgar gestures, misers and Shakespeare

Who is hiring? Who missed their only shot? And whose sarcasm cost him a job?

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Which of the five English clubs in the Champions League is not leading their group?



Manchester City

Manchester United

Tottenham Hotspur

All five of them are topping their groups

Ronnie O'Sullivan beat Zhang Yong in the English Open this week. Who played the final shot of the match?

Ronnie O'Sullivan

Zhang Yong

The referee

A woman who had invaded the arena

Which athlete – who is worth around $400m – says he is too tightfisted to turn on data roaming on his phone, buy apps or pay to avoid adverts on music streaming sites?

Rory McIlroy

LeBron James

Lionel Messi

Roger Federer

What job advert did Chorley FC post on Twitter this week?

They advertised for an electrician who could fix their faulty floodlights at half-time

A translator for their new signing, Fernando Gago, who played in the 2014 World Cup final

A midfielder and goalkeeper to play for them in the FA Cup

Someone to replace their departing dietician, who has moved on to set up a sweet shop

FC Turris midfielder Giovanni Liberti was given a five-match ban this week after he was found guilty of “urinating in the direction of the away section” and "making vulgar gestures while showing his genital organ”. How did the president of the Serie D club defend his player?

He said Liberti was “drunk on the feeling of victory” and didn’t know what he was doing

He said Liberti was “just waving happily to his girlfriend in the crowd”

He said Liberti was drinking from a water fountain while tucking in his shirt

He said Liberti had consumed “too many isotonic drinks – they are the real culprits”

Which of these statements about sacked Leicester manager Craig Shakespeare is not true?

He is the only English manager to have won his first four matches in the Premier League

He has a 100% win rate as West Brom manager

He made most of his appearances as a player for Walsall

He won more points in his first four league games than he did in his last 16

After his sacking, there are no English managers in the Premier League

Which two teams have won the same number of points, scored the same number of goals, and produced the same number of wins, draws and defeats this season in both their domestic leagues and in the Champions League?

Barcelona and Manchester City

Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur

Sevilla and Liverpool

Manchester United and Atlético Madrid

According to NFL kicker Jason Myers, what feels "great, dude” and “fucking awesome, man”?

Being a Trump voter

Missing two field goals in a defeat

Being Mike Myers’ son

Learning that he will play at White Hart Lane rather than Wembley next season

Cork City were crowned League of Ireland champions on Tuesday night after a goalless draw against Derry City. The game was a sell out, so why was the stadium not full?

An infamous airline bought up tickets for its staff but their flights were cancelled

Many away fans were two hours late due to a misprint in their local newspaper

One of the stands was closed as its roof had been blown down by Storm Ophelia

Local hero Roy Keane was in a local pub so a group of fans stayed put and watched it with him on TV instead

Anthony Joshua won gold at the 2012 Olympics. How did his forthcoming opponent, Carlos Takam, fare when he took part in the 2004 Olympics?

He also won gold

He was beaten in the final

He lost his first and only bout

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