Sports quiz of the week: El Clásico, Harvard, FA Cup and tennis turf

Who scored? Who was schooled? Where will the Tour start?

Barcelona and Real Madrid meet on Sunday night for the first clásico without either Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo in 11 years. Which former Arsenal player scored the winner in that match in 2007?

Alexander Hleb

Thierry Henry

Cesc Fabregas

Júlio Baptista

In which country will the Tour de France start next summer?





Jadon Sancho scored for Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League this week. Who was the last English player based abroad to score a goal in the competition?

Owen Hargreaves

Joe Cole

David Beckham

Michael Owen

Who won this week for the first time in five years?

Audley Harrison

Kimi Raikkonen

San Marino football team

Lee Westwood

Stuttgart were beaten 4-0 by Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga on Saturday. What was unusual about their defeat?

The four goals they conceded were scored by their former players

They had won their last three games 4-0

The game was goalless with five minutes to play

They managed to climb a position in the league table despite losing 4-0

Which two teams are competing for the Baskerville Shield over the next few weeks?

Boston Red Sox and LA Dodgers

England and New Zealand rugby league teams

DC United and Chicago Fire

England and South Africa rugby union teams

Eight of the world's best women’s tennis players are competing at the WTA Finals in Singapore. Which country has more than one representative?


Czech Republic



The assistant coach for the Harvard University football team has invited which two players to visit the campus and help his side?

Marcelo and Roberto Carlos

Alan Shearer and Chris Sutton

Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci

Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole

Which London-based football club has failed to reach the FA Cup first round this year – having qualified every season since 1907?

Metropolitan Police FC

Leyton Orient

Barnet FC

Haringey Borough

Who won a fifth world title this week?

Katie Taylor

Lewis Hamilton

Marc Márquez

Rob Cross

2 and above.

Don't worry. Two is better than one.

3 and above.

Not to worry. Three is the magic number.

4 and above.

Nearly half right! Give yourself a pat on the back

5 and above.

That's a decent performance

6 and above.

That's a decent performance

7 and above.

That's a fine performance

8 and above.

That's a very fine performance indeed

9 and above.

Outstanding. You are awesome

10 and above.

Outstanding. You are an awesome individual

0 and above.


1 and above.

Ah well, you got one right

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