Sports quiz of the week: Clásico, Superclásico and gymnastics genius

Who scored for Chelsea? Who lost his job? Who said ‘yes’?

What took 26 steps and lasted 9.96 seconds?

Simone Biles’s gold medal vault at the World Gymnastics Championships

Paul Pogba’s run-up for his penalty against Everton

Oliver Gildart’s dazzling try for England against New Zealand

Rafa Nadal’s only match the Paris Masters before he pulled up injured

Eduard Bello scored for Antofagasta against Everton in Chile this week. The goal came in the second minute of the match and he was shown a yellow card in the third minute. What happened in between?

He pulled down the goalkeeper’s shorts 

He ran to the sidelines and put on make-up to "look like a scary zombie for Halloween"

He celebrated his goal by proposing to his girlfriend

He ran to the toilet, claiming he had forgotten to go before the match

Lewis Hamilton has won the F1 world title in four of the last five years. Who won it the other year?

Fernando Alonso

Sebastian Vettel

Jenson Button

Nico Rosberg

Boca Juniors and River Plate are going to meet in the Copa Libertadores final for the first time ever. Which of Argentina’s big five clubs has won the trophy a record seven times?

River Plate


Racing Club

San Lorenzo

Boca Juniors

England play South Africa in rugby union at Twickenham on Saturday. Where do they play New Zealand at rugby league on Sunday?




Eden Park

How many Chelsea players scored in their 3-2 win over Derby County in the League Cup on Wednesday night?





Why has the Hearts midfielder Steven MacLean been banned for two games?

A fan threw a coin at him and he threw it back into the crowd

He rugby tackled a streaker who ran on to the pitch

He was caught wearing a scarf below his kit “to keep him toasty”

He grabbed Celtic player Eboue Kouassi’s private parts

Frank Lampard managed Derby against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge this week. What did Lampard do 10 years ago at the same stadium while playing for Chelsea against Derby?

He was given the only red card of his career

He scored four goals in one game

He was shown three yellow cards by Graham Poll

He went in goal after Petr Cech had been sent off and saved a penalty

Julen Lopetegui was sacked after Real Madrid suffered a 5-1 hammering in the Clásico – their sixth defeat in three months. How many times he did lose in two years as Spain manager?





In the rugby union autumn internationals this weekend, England are playing in London, Wales are playing in Cardiff and Ireland are playing in...





Simone Biles won two gold medals at the World Gymnastics Championships this week. What else did she do while in Doha?

Sang on stage at an Ed Sheeran concert

Attended Harry Styles’s halloween party dressed as Elton John

Skydived from the 300-metre-tall Aspire Tower

Went to hospital with kidney stone problems the night before she started competing

11 and above.

Perfection. You are amazing. Have a great weekend

1 and above.

Oh dear

2 and above.

Oh dear.

3 and above.

It's maybe not the score you wanted but you tried. Have a good weekend

4 and above.

It's maybe not the score you wanted but you tried. Have a good weekend

5 and above.

That's a decent score. Have a good weekend

6 and above.

That's an impressive score. Have a good weekend

7 and above.

That's a very impressive score. Have a good weekend

8 and above.

That's a very impressive score. Have a great weekend

9 and above.

Tremendous. That's a very impressive score. Have a great weekend

0 and above.

Oh dear

10 and above.

Tremendous. Have a great weekend

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