Spain v Russia: World Cup 2018 – live!

“Is it just me (jitters!!) or is Spain also showing signs of the wrongheaded decision-making of Jogi Loew,” wonders Latha. “The move to replace not one but two creative midfielders (Iniesta and Alcantara) speaks of some qualms about the need to stop Russia from scoring. Given their traditional style of play (which is fluid passing and attack), I thought if anything they should look for players who can create goals. Time will tell but boy it makes me nervous!”

Here’s an aggrieved Charles Antaki. “One less chance to see Andres Iniesta starting - pity. What’s odder is Koke for Alcantara; mechanic for surgeon, a bit; but it’s true that Koke is more selfless and does more defensive duty. If that means Busquets coming slightly forward, that might mean better passing into the penalty box… But still, no Iniesta!”

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