Sorry, but Sports Illustrated’s Swimwear Issue is still showcasing sex, not beauty | Marina Hyde

The American magazine is being disingenuous if it thinks the use of one burkini-clad Muslim model will ‘shatter perceptions’

As a huge fan of all attempts to complexify the men’s magazine market, I couldn’t be more moved by the latest gambit by Sports Illustrated.

Next week sees the release of SI’s annual Swimsuit Issue, a once-a-year opportunity to explore the incredibly hot women you’d like to have sex with wearing swimwear on beaches. If that’s not clear, I mean that the women are wearing swimwear on beaches, and that you’d like to have sex with them. Not that you’d like to have sex with them while you were wearing swimwear on beaches. You’d need to take off any swimwear you happened to be wearing, obviously – and frankly, I imagine you’re not wildly fussed about the location. Sure, the beach if it’s a nice day – but really anywhere is completely fine, and I know you’d gladly fit in with any location that suited these ladies.

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