Social media abuse of Karen Carney shows companies have to get serious | Eni Aluko

The sort of abuse thrown at Karen Carney needs to be tackled by Instagram and co in the way that racist abuse at a game leads to a lifetime ban or a game behind closed doors

I was really disappointed to see the abuse directed at Karen Carney last week but I can’t say I was completely surprised. Unfortunately, it’s nothing new – the sad reality is if you’re on social media and are a recognisable individual you are potentially exposed to such abuse.

I’ve experienced it, my brother has experienced it and so many other people I know who are in the game have experienced horrific online abuse. But I was more surprised that it happened to Karen. Nobody deserves that kind of abuse of course but she is such an example on and off the pitch and is not somebody who would ever be provocative to invite such extreme negative opinion and abuse.

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