So, maybe Carson Wentz and Jared Goff weren’t crazy draft picks after all

Many scoffed when the Rams and Eagles traded up for two relatively obscure quarterbacks in 2016. But they are repaying their teams this season

They stood, almost anonymously, in a park by the lake on an frigid Chicago day in the spring of 2016. Jared Goff and Carson Wentz were barely more than 24 hours from becoming the top two picks of the NFL draft and there was no sense that either man was going to be anything special.

They were probably the most obscure quarterbacks to stand one and two in the modern history of the draft. Few of those attending the pre-draft clinic and photo shoot had heard of Wentz just a couple months before. Quarterbacks from North Dakota State do not usually generate much national attention. And even Goff, recently departed from the University of California, was not a big name player. While the soon-to-be Los Angeles Rams loved his potential, he had been far from a dazzling college star.

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