Skinny jeans: has Zinedine Zidane’s fashion travesty finally killed the look?

Zidane’s outfit to announce his return to Real Madrid was, on multiple levels, a mistake. But these distressed dark denim numbers, with their turn-ups visible from space, may be the last nail in the coffin for tight trousers

As far as looks go, the newly reappointed Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane’s grey blazer, skinny jeans and plimsolls combination was a killer. In that it, one hopes, signifies the final nail in the coffin for men wearing slim-fit denim. (This was the outfit Zidane chose to wear at his photo call at the Bernabeu. There were cameras. Lots of them.)

For women, skinny jeans have become almost a second skin, and although there have been recent murmurings of a comeback for knicker-exposing low-riders (please God, no), and the high street currently has a propensity for flares, it seems that skinnies are here to stay as the default cut. But, frankly, men in skinny jeans have always looked somewhat ridiculous. I refer you to Johnny Borrell, who had an awful habit of wearing white ones that looked as if he had washed them at 60C. He would almost always be topless while wearing them. I also refer you to men in Camden bars who thought they were Hedi Slimane runway models, but in reality just listened to a lot of the Fratellis and knew three chords on a guitar.

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