Six Nations may shift in schedule as concussion puts global season back on agenda

After early resistance to revamping the rugby union calendar both hemispheres are warming to change because of the growing awareness over head injuries
Saracens introduce head impact monitoring

The global season is back on the agenda as rugby authorities look at ways of addressing the physical toll the sport is taking on professional players by arranging the calender so that minimum rest periods are guaranteed. The idea was last floated seven years ago and quickly sank because of entrenched positions but the growing awareness about concussion has prompted renewed efforts to persuade administrators from both hemispheres to think again and the outcome may be the Six Nations starting at least a month later on the schedule within a few years.

Saracens have taken the innovative approach of taping sensor chips behind the ears of their players to monitor the impact on the head in a tackle or collision. They started the initiative on Saturday during the home game against London Irish: data was downloaded after the match but the club is hoping that an improvement in the technology will lead to real-time information later this year.

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