Simone Biles is redefining brilliance in a sport that shamefully failed her | Marina Hyde

After the Larry Nassar saga USA Gymnastics should not exist but Biles continues to bring her sport dignity – and money

On Sunday night Simone Biles, on her way to securing her sixth US gymnastics title, performed a triple-double in her floor routine, one of two moves she executed during the contest that had never been accomplished before in women’s competition gymnastics. Have you seen it? You honestly have to see it, and then see it again in slow motion. I haven’t spoken to any physicists on the matter but, as someone who watched the move multiple times on my phone while eating a packet of crisps, I can assure you: she defied gravity.

Biles finished an astonishing 4.95 points ahead of her nearest competitor but remains markedly perfectionist, even in the hour of historic victory, reflecting: “It wasn’t as good as in some of the trainings.”

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