Should the Cavaliers dump Kevin Love in Lake Erie? Not just yet

Cleveland’s maligned forward was missing for their victory over Golden State. But the Cavs bench is struggling and they need his skills more than ever

Who needs Kevin Love? This is the refrain spreading like the chorus to a bad pop song all across the basketball world today. When looking at the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 120-90 dismantling of the Golden State Warriors in Game 3 of the NBA finals, one cannot be blamed for immediately placing the responsibility for the victory on the key character who was absent. Love did not play due to a concussion suffered in Game 2. Of course, the Cavs are better without him, conventional wisdom says. To admit this, though, is to accept the notion that an NBA team can get better without a player who averages 16 and 9. Are the Cavs really a superior as a Big Two instead of a Big Three?

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