Shoot, Match and the glory days of football magazines for teenagers

In the pre-internet age, football magazines featuring zany interviews and joke columns sold up to 250,000 copies a week

By Mike Henson for The Set Pieces, part of the Sport Network

Gareth Southgate is sitting opposite a reporter. Southgate is polite, bordering on gawky, which is just as well, as a less even-tempered man would not put up with this interview. The questions come not from the journalist’s notes, but from a large black holdall that contains various football shirts. Southgate is invited to rummage inside and pick a few out. The numbers on the back of the shirts correspond to questions sent in by readers.

“They could have been: ‘What car do you drive? What’s the strangest thing in your house? Or what’s your favourite colour?’” explains Adrian Curtis, the journalist with the bag. “It got pretty embarrassing.”

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