Shaun White finds Olympic redemption isn’t so easy in the #MeToo age

Past harassment allegations cropped up after the American won his third Olympic gold. And such questions can no longer be brushed off by athletes

On the surface Shaun White’s redemption song, a four-year fightback from rock bottom that culminated on Wednesday morning with his third Olympic gold medal in the snowboard halfpipe, is as deeply satisfying a story as you’ll find at these Winter Olympics.

“It was a deja vu situation to the Sochi Olympics [where White finished fourth after starting as overwhelming favorite],” he said after Wednesday’s victory. “I’m so thankful that I got to stand there again and know who I am, and know that I can do, and do that run to win it. It’s so rare that you get these opportunities to redeem yourself in life and in your career and I took advantage of that.”

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