Shared red fury: how Klopp weaponised Anfield to make Liverpool unstoppable

There is a sense of uninterrupted communion at Anfield and it is conceivable Liverpool could become the first team to win every home league game in a season

Pep Guardiola calls it That Place. Lionel Messi cried in the dressing room the last time he was there. It isn’t hard to see why Anfield gets under people’s skin.

Even the journey there has a distinct tone and texture, something to do with the angles of the place, the topography of a port city, the way the light beyond the houses carries a sense of being at the end of things. It’s there in the way the streets melt into closes and dead ends, funnelling the crowd one way. There’s never any doubt where you’re headed. Or these days, what’s going to happen when you get there.

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