Sevilla’s Sergio Rico: ‘The bravery of nine-year-old Antonio has helped me’

The goalkeeper talks about a young Sevilla fan who has had surgery to remove two brain tumours and what he has learned from spending time with him before the game against Manchester United

The day Sergio Rico joined Sevilla they were in the second division, had not won a trophy for more than 60 years and had only ever won four; Manchester United, treble winners the year before, had just won the second of three successive Premier League titles and were the world’s biggest club. He was a kid then; now, aged 24, a lot has changed.

On Tuesday the goalkeeper walks out at Old Trafford, a place he calls “emblematic” in a country that “breathes football”, looking to help take Sevilla to a Champions League quarter-final for the first time since 1958. It is a journey he hopes to make with a young boy, a Sevilla-supporting child who had a brain tumour and whose bravery serves as his inspiration.

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