Sevilla’s resurrection continues under Caparrós in the ‘holy derby’ | Sid Lowe

Exhilarating, passionate and very sevillano, Saturday’s derby saw Joaquín Caparrós oversee another triumph over Betis

Somewhere in the middle of the smoke and the bodies, Sevilla’s bus began its 640-metre journey, slowly opening a path through the palms hammering at its side. Police vans escorted it along Calle Luis de Morales and, as the crowd parted, fireworks turning everything red, fans saw their manager sitting on the front row. Joaquín Caparrós wore a slightly manic smile, shook his fists, applauded, and thumped at the window. Outside, some ran to keep up. There wasn’t far to go: the bus turned left, left again and drew to a halt in front of the 480-square-metre, 200,000-tile mosaic, the finest façade in football, with its 50 club shields – including that of rivals Real Betis, whose bus pulled up alongside three minutes later. There, more fans waited with more flares.

Sevilla fans greet the team bus ahead of #ElGranDerbi!

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