Serena Williams and US Vogue’s cliche-free cover

The tennis star’s appearance on the cover of the iconic fashion magazine is hugely welcome for any fan of diversity in fashion. But the way she has been portrayed – in colour and without tennis gear – is also worth noting

It’s not remarkable that Serena Williams is on the April cover of US Vogue, despite what you might think. Yes, the styling is remarkably minimal: teal Rag & Bone dress, singular bracelet, hair fizzing with movement and a suggestion of makeup on her grand-slam scowl, very gently Photoshopped if at all. And, yes, she is black. But it’s also her second cover – she faux-jogged in a gold swimsuit on the June 2012 issue with US athletes Ryan Lochte & Hope Solo. Plus, as a tennis pro, with 19 major tournament wins under her belt, she’s an obvious choice for US editor Anna Wintour, a vocal and visible tennis fan. Wintour also hasn’t had a white model on an April cover since 2010.

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