Sebastian Vettel will leave Ferrari having failed to bring back glory days | Giles Richards

The former world champion wanted to emulate Michael Schumacher but both he and the team have failed to find the right formula

Perhaps Michael Schumacher made it look too easy. After the great German bent Ferrari to his will and returned six consecutive world championships for the Scuderia, the shadow of that success has loomed over Maranello. In the past decade two of the best drivers of their generation have tried to return those glory days, both have failed. Once more great expectations have fallen by the wayside. Sebastian Vettel leaves with hopes of emulating Schumacher, his childhood hero, thwarted as both team and driver failed to deliver.

Vettel joined Ferrari in 2015, taking over after the double world champion Fernando Alonso had spent five years trying to return Ferrari’s first title since 2007. He left disappointed and disillusioned. Vettel’s arrival, as a four-times champion, was supposed to herald a new dawn. Initially they looked to be heading in the right direction.

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