Sebastian Coe’s stance on Salazar displays a very British hypocrisy | Barney Ronay

The response of the IAAF president and the athletics commentariat to the doping ban of Alberto Salazar, Mo Farah’s former coach, is little short of nauseating

Say what you like about British hypocrisy. It’s still the best hypocrisy in the world. This is a robust hypocrisy, sustained by centuries-old structures and conventions. British hypocrisy speaks confidently. It wears a well-cut suit. It peers down the rims of its half-moon glasses as it gives you a cold, deathly half-handshake and looks towards the door. Above all British hypocrisy doesn’t have to explain itself – and let’s be absolutely clear on this point – to the likes of you.

At which point, enter Sebastian Coe, Alberto Salazar, Mo Farah and the nauseating obfuscation of the BBC-platformed British athletics commentariat. Mainly, though, enter Coe, who as president of the IAAF operates under an unconditional duty of care to protect the reputation, legacy and probity of his sport.

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