Sean Dyche: ‘I’m not running from Burnley. I’ve never said I want to move’ | Paul Wilson

The seventh-longest-serving manager in England, who admits he will need a little luck at Manchester City on Saturday, discusses being linked with Leicester and why he swears by honesty and simplicity

Burnley’s away form against some of the leading Premier League teams is what currently sees them sitting in the top half of the table, last season’s relegation concerns and 35-match wait for a win on the road now a distant memory. Which is probably just as well, since Saturday brings the trip even a side with an unbeaten away record must find daunting.

Mark Hughes admitted after last week’s seven-goal pounding that even in the depths of despair he could not help but admire Manchester City’s attacking play. So accurate and imaginative was their passing he feared some of their goals might have been undefendable. Napoli ended up unlucky on Tuesday in the Champions League, though even the Serie A leaders came close to finding themselves in Stoke’s position, three down in under half an hour.

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