Scripps National Spelling Bee 2016: championship finals – live!

The ESPN telecast is underway and we’re set to begin. And they’re off! First up is Cooper Komatsu, an eighth-grader at Culver City Middle School where he is a member of the cross country and robotics teams. The word is myoclonus, which is the irregular involuntary contraction of a muscle usually resulting from functional disorder of controlling motor neurons. And he looks stumped. Oh dear, time is running short. He starts, then stops, then rushes to the finish as the two-minute clock nearly runs out – and he nails it! Fair play!

If you’re interested in playing along at home, ESPN has you covered. The network is once again offering a special Play-Along telecast of tonight’s bee, which can be accessed through the WatchESPN app. Via ESPN PR:

Throughout the competition, ESPN3 on WatchESPN will feature a second-screen, multiple-choice Play-Along version, presented by Sony Pictures and Rovio Animation’s The Angry Birds Movie, that gives fans a one-in-four chance to pick the correct spelling of the given word, allowing fans to try their hand at competing along with the spellers. This year’s Play-Along version has been enhanced, adding a fourth multiple choice answer to create a more integrated and immersive experience. It will still feature informational boxes highlighting the word’s etymology, definition and part of speech, as well as live tweets, the speller’s bio and more.

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