Scotland v England nowadays means much more north of the border | Ewan Murray

While fans of Gareth Southgate’s side play down its significance, and an edge remains, the Scots’ current plight places more importance on the fixture for them

Notwithstanding the vagaries of the London transport network, the biggest insult to an already beleaguered Scotland support at Wembley last November was not delivered on the pitch. As English fans vacated the premises in their thousands with plenty of time to play, their team 3-0 ahead, it became tricky to distinguish this occasion from the visit of Lithuania.

If this seems a strange scenario to highlight, consider the reverse. Should Scotland, by some miracle, find themselves coasting to victory against England at Hampden Park on Saturday there will be no rush to join the nightlife scene. Precisely the same desire to stay put and celebrate applied when the Scots recorded a famous home win over France in 2006.

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