Saracens’ Alex Goode knows value of life and beating Munster

Talk from a Holocaust survivor puts rugby in perspective for Alex Goode but he cannot ignore the importance of a win against Munster
Alex Goode hopes he impressed Stuart Lancaster

The other day a lady of 85 turned up to address the rugby players of Saracens. She spent two hours in their company and none of her audience will ever forget her. Her name was Renee Salt, a survivor of Auschwitz and Belsen whose immediate family all died in the Holocaust. It will be years before anyone at Saracens needs reminding there is more to life than sport.

For Alex Goode, Saracens’ England full-back, whose stepfather is Jewish, the emotional impact of the club’s recent guest speaker was especially powerful. He has always sought to occupy his time constructively away from the training field but he is now more determined than ever to seize whatever moment is at hand. “It puts everything in perspective. I’m a big believer in knowing about your history and how lucky we are to have the freedom we have now. I think everyone should be made plainly aware of the sacrifices people made.

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