Sabrina Ionescu: the snarling genius ripping up basketball’s record books

The Oregon guard is a shameless stat padder. But when you’re as good as her, you can do what you want

Sabrina Ionescu is college basketball’s equivalent of Russell Westbrook: a snarling menace who plays with a combination of grace and volatility. She is a supreme athlete and a basketball genius. And she’s also, it has to be said, a stat padder.

Ionescu garnered added attention on Sunday after she clinched her 18th career triple-double as the Ducks blew out Indiana 91-68 in the NCAA tournament, the culmination of the college basketball season. With the clock winding down, Ionescu was a single rebound short of reaching double-digit points, assists and rebounds. So, she missed a shot on purpose and claimed the rebound for herself.

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