Ryan Fraser’s debut goal sees Newcastle beat Blackburn in Carabao Cup

Ryan Fraser did much more than merely secure Newcastle a third-round trip to Morecambe next week. Not content with shooting the winner in the tightest of ties, the debut-making Scotland winger’s high energy skills suggested he will be a big hit with his new public. By way of added bonus, Fraser’s performance also offered a welcome distraction from yet another woeful display on Joelinton’s part.

The stands may have been empty but things still kicked off against a dramatic backdrop. After all, it is not every week that the owner of a top-tier club engages two QCs to pursue legal action against the Premier League. That, though, is precisely what Mike Ashley has done in hiring Nick De Marco and Shaheed Fatima as he continues to strive to sell Newcastle to a Saudi Arabian led consortium the ruling body seems reluctant to accommodate. What price some form of out-of-court compromise?

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