Romelu Lukaku: Manchester United’s plan B but a very José Mourinho striker | Jonathan Wilson

Lukaku can fulfil two vital roles in a Mourinho side: holding up the ball and threatening on the counterattack in the manner of Didier Drogba

As a coup de théâtre, Manchester United’s swoop for Romelu Lukaku was rather magnificent. A much-needed striker was acquired, Wayne Rooney was offloaded and José Mourinho’s last two clubs were left looking a little foolish – Chelsea as they failed to land a player who had seemed almost certain to join them since January and Real Madrid as they vainly held out on their valuation of Álvaro Morata. From a football point of view, though, the deal raises as many questions as it answers.

Assuming Morata was plan A for United – and unless United were playing some implausible double game he surely was – it is a significant change of tack to turn to Lukaku. They are very different players and the hop from one to the other reinforces the idea United’s transfer policy is based on buying individuals and then fitting them together rather than setting out with a coherent strategy. Or at least it would if Lukaku were not – whatever tensions may have existed between them in the past – such an obviously Mourinho style of striker.

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