Rochdale’s FA Cup win leaves Stuart Pearce exposed at Nottingham Forest

• Defeat leaves Forest with only two wins from last 19 games
• Rochdale chairman: not one of young lineup cost a penny

On the walls inside the main entrance there was a poster about the days when Rochdale’s fans were running an SOS to help the club pay for pitch repairs. The Save Our Spotland campaign was set up in 2006 because the drainage was so nonexistent that any spell of prolonged rainfall put games at risk. Supporters were asked to pay for a £10 section of the pitch and the poster has been there ever since to thank everyone who chipped in.

The programme informed us that the match was sponsored by “the lads and lasses from Inter Malagar FC” and, before the scale of their ignominy became apparent, the Nottingham Forest supporters in the opposite stand could be heard, en masse, questioning the aesthetic beauty of the old cotton town. They have heard it all here before – and they have a nice line in self-deprecating humour as a prepared response. “Rochdale is a shithole,” they sang back. “We already know.”

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