Robert Allenby’s ‘kidnapping’ in Hawaii appears stranger than fiction

It’s cuts all round as Robert Allenby is stitched up, Sergio García cuts ties with his caddy and Rory McIlroy wants cut of a $500,000 pro-am purse
• Tiger’s mouth meets cameraman and loses tooth

The inevitability attached to a battered and bruised Robert Allenby lighting up social media was matched only by suspicion as to the golfer’s version of events over what occurred after he left a wine bar in Hawaii on Friday night. In this day and age, nothing is allowed to be precisely as it seems.

In many ways, this is helpful. In others, it has the unfortunate consequence of painting a victim in inappropriate light. By the start of this week, a contradiction had occurred between the story of Allenby – who claims he was bundled into a car, kidnapped, attacked and robbed – and the homeless woman who subsequently came to his aid. Three hours had passed between Allenby leaving the bar, in which he had been separated from his friend, and his “discovery” at a location which is open to debate.

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