Riotous final day captures the paradoxes of Bundesliga 2017-18 | Andy Brassell

There has been plenty of entertainment but it has been an unusual and not always satisfying season in Germany

The clock, since you asked, kept on ticking. As the curtain fell on Hamburger SV’s unbroken presence in top flight since the Bundesliga’s formation in 1963, it was alone in maintaining steady hands (give or take it being digital). With the home side’s winning position futile, as Wolfsburg completed an eventually emphatic victory over Köln 170km to the south, any façade of holding it together began to crack.

Pyrotechnics rained down from the ultras in the Nordtribüne and a heavy police presence took over the pitch in lines, with horses and dogs for company. Some of those waiting to see if the famous timepiece – adding every extra second to HSV’s ever-present tenure – would stop must have struggled to see it through thick plumes of black smoke.

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